Dasher's Lightshow Our New Family Tradition in Pittsburgh

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By Lisa Williams - Publisher of Macaroni Kid Pittsburgh City December 6, 2021

Get 20% Off with promo code KID2021

We were so excited to hear that there was a new light show coming to Pittsburgh and couldn't wait to head to Dasher's Light Show at Pittsburgh Mills and check it out.  My daughter is 4 and LOVES everything Christmas.  We grabbed some snacks and our favorite holiday sweaters and headed out to Pittsburgh Mills. It was about a 20-minute drive from downtown and very easy to locate right off of Route 28.  As we got off of the exit we saw several fun spots to eat (in case you are like our family and love to eat as part of every activity!)  As we entered the main entrance to the mall we made a right and followed the road around all the way to the back of the mall. 

My daughter could not believe her eyes as we pulled up! There were SO MANY pretty blinking lights. We easily purchased our tickets online here before going.  As we approached the entrance I could not believe it... THERE WASN'T A LONG LINE!!! Maybe not everyone can appreciate this, but if you have had to sit in a car with a young child who is excited to do something, and they have to just sit and wait then you know why this is so amazing.  Our tickets were easily scanned from my phone as we were told what radio station to tune in to.  It was Frozen! My daughter couldn't believe it!  The music throughout the entire show was absolutely amazing - even Dad was caught singing along. 

The show is set up so that you drive up and down rows and through tunnels with special friends at the end of every aisle. Every light is synced to the music and all the characters are singing along.  Every aisle was different and the lights moving to the beat kept my daughter's interested the entire time! The drive lasted approximately 15 minutes driving at the recommended speed of about 2-3 mph. It wasn't too long or spread out to lose my daughter's attention, and she hasn't quit talking about it since! 

I would highly suggest Dasher's Light Show if you are in the Pittsburgh area and looking for a light show that is close to home, won't have you waiting in lines for hours, and will be a memory your kids can't stop talking about! If cost is a concern make sure to use the promo code KID2021 to receive 20% off!  

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