About The Publisher: Bryan Klaus

Born in Florida and raised in Pittsburgh, I completed my undergraduate degree at Pitt and my graduate degrees in St. Louis, MO.  While traveling far and wide to experience as many exciting new places as I can, I've always returned to Pittsburgh as the place I'm proud to call my home.

Five years ago when I retired from private practice and dissolved my marketing company as well, I was excited to embark on a relaxing adventure of not much at all to do.  Little did I know how unfulfilling that could be!  While my wife and children are what I believe are by far the most important and rewarding parts of my life, I've missed serving others as a doctor and the creativity of making exciting marketing content.  

I fell in love with Macaroni Kid as soon as I heard about it.  Being a publisher has filled the career void in my life with so much joy.  I myself use the Mac Kid calendar, and I look forward to receiving the weekly newsletter filled with things to do, especially since its hyper-local to the North Hills where we live. 

My hopes as your next Macaroni Kid publisher is to help enrich our local community by connecting you with the resources, kids & family events, and the inside scoop on whats going on in the North Hills that you are looking for!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions- please e-mail me directly at mackidpittsburghnorth@macaronikid.com

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Hope to see you all around soon!