About The Publisher: CeCe Schantz

I am so excited to be the Publisher for the Macaroni Kid Pittsburgh North! The area of North Pittsburgh has been my home for over 30 years!  So, believe me when I say that I truly look forward to providing you and your families with nothing but the best events and opportunities that our area has to offer!

The events and community activities provided to my family will always be included in the cherished memories my husband and I have of raising our 4 children here. I and my husband began our courtship here in the North Hills as students and graduates of La Roche University. Our children have all attended North Allegheny School District with the oldest now a college student himself and is just beginning to make his way in the world!  Macaroni Kid has always been there for us as an outstanding resource, and today, I want to make sure that it continues to be an outstanding resource for you and your family as your children grow. Macaroni Kid is here to make sure that great memories grow along with them!

I am so thankful to live in a community that has so much to offer families from the outstanding schools and events, trips to local farms, parks, and attractions, not to mention, the exquisite dining and shopping experiences at our fingertips. I can’t think of a better community to work in and raise a family!  Thank you for joining me and trusting Macaroni Kid to bring you the best in family news, activities and events! Check back often to explore new and adventurous opportunities and discounts and to celebrate the joys of family life and community together in one place with Macaroni Kid

We hope you stay and enjoy our weekly updated events and articles. You can even add more if you'd like!

Looking forward to having a beautiful season together!